Chemistry and Technology Website of
Craig Miller, P E

Combining Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology

To provide unique new technology solutions in Engineering

Craig MIller (owner) is a Professional Chemical Engineer that has done Process Debottle-necking, Capitol Projects and Automatoion Projects for Joint Ventures with Cargill, Hydrite Chemical Company, Evonik, and is currently working on a
$1 Billion+ Project at KOCH to install a new Urea Plant in Oklahoma

I also continue my education in automation and programming and have a few examples on this website.

I can also answer short feasibility questions about engineering and do some Custom Programming from time to time

See the links below to several of my side projects.
The Chemnology Engineering Website
Code Keeper - Password and text Scrambler program

I also have a Classic Rock and Grundge MUSIC BLOG call RADIO M
You can visit them here;